Sunday, April 27, 2014

500 likes! Where Wheat & Beans will be this Summer!!

WOW!! I noticed I hit 500 likes on my Wheat & Beans Facebook Page
Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared, commented, purchased and supported!!! Means the world!!

Where can you find Wheat & Beans this Summer????
 So in my last post I had mentioned that I was going to be teaming up with some pretty special/awesome people this year to create with...some of you may have figured it out by now.....
My parents!! They have greenhouses located in the parking lot of my dad's screen-printing store, as well as the Super One parking lot. West End Garden Center.
 They have worked really hard to make it a beautiful, clean, enjoyable place to buy plants!

 My dad had built this adorable shed last year!!! This year...he moved it in place at the greenhouse for all of us to fill with awesome junk!!
West End Garden Center will be opening up May 7th!! So make sure you stop on out!!
I'll be making it my 3rd year teaming up with The White House Boutique Girls out on the farm!!
 They've been so awesome to let me sell my wood signs there!! These girls are ridiculously talented!!! If you haven't been to one of their farm sales missing out!!!! SO SO creative and hard working!!
Here are the dates for the farm
June 20-22
Aug 8-10
  The Vintage Carnival is Nov. 15th!!! It's the only craft/junk show I do for the year. Each year it has grown, and I couldn't ask for a better turn out selling my stuff. Tons of AWESOME vendors are there!! It's always a packed house!!!! I've already got ideas rolling in my brain!! My booth will be completely different from last year!! Can't wait!!
So here's a little recap of where you can purchase Wheat & Beans signs this summer
May 7th through end of June
June 20-22
Aug 8-10
Nov 15
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Thanks for all of the support!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Keepin A Girl Busy

These past few months I couldn't be happier for how busy I've been with creating and selling!! I love what I do, and am thankful for the likes, shares, and loyal customers!!! So thank you to those who have all participated in supporting my creations!!! I truly appreciate you!!
I've been busy, and am only going to get more busy!! Once Springs decides to arrive I'll be opening up my garage door and busting out the spray paint cans for projects that have been patiently waiting all winter for some new life!!!
 New creations will also be available this Spring & Summer!! If you follow me on Instagram @wheatnbeans, or on Facebook "Wheat & Beans", you've already seen the latest!! I have a lot of things planned/in the works for this year!! It's really hard for me to keep a secret of all the new stuff that's going to be happening....but I have to! :) Lets just say I'm teaming up with some pretty important people!!

Full steam ahead, and the sky is the limit I say.
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Necklaces made from Walnut, Maple, and Cedar

I just posted what I have left for necklaces!!
Valentines Day is approaching fast!! Get a necklace for someone special!! They are made from Walnut, Maple, and Cedar!! Selling them for $14 each or 2 for $20! Msg me if interested, I can ship, and you pay through pay pal. You do not need a paypal account to pay.
Email me if you have any questions
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