Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thrift Shopping

Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone!!!!
I have a confession to make.....

 I'm a little obsessed with thrift store shopping!!! I've been like this for awhile now, but It's gotten worse now that pinterest has became popular, and I'm creating more as Wheat & Beans!!  I'm in town once or twice a week and I always make sure to stop at 1 of the 4 consignment shops in town. When the kids aren't with me, I stop at all 4. Pretty sure I get anxiety if I don't stop! The reason for being obsessed is finding things like this.....

Vintage Coach Purses
Vintage Dooney & Burke
Vintage Joo Kay
When I glanced at the price tag of these, I about died, I'm pretty sure my mouth dropped, and my heart started to race. I  looked around to see if I was being punked! For those of you that are regular thrift shoppers and find an awesome know this feeling!!!
It was no where near what a Coach or Dooney & Burke cost now a days....
Lets just say they were in the price range of  $2-$10
I've been hoarding some pretty awesome bags/purses for awhile!! These purses may be showing up at the Vintage Carnival in November!!
Here are some thrift store finds I found over the weekend!!
**Tribal/Southwestern Jackets**

**The tribal print fabric is a shirt, and the floral fabric is a skirt.**
I'm planning on using the fabric for either pillows, re-covering a chair or stool!!
Speaking of re-covering a chair!! The very talented White House Boutique girls recovered a chair with a garage sale dress!! It's ADORABLE! Make sure you check it out here...Fun Idea. Also like the girls on Facebook. They are always posting the most awesome stuff!!
Thrift store/Garage sale clothing is always an awesome option for fabric!!
Way cheaper I tell ya!

I'm also obsessed with floral, and tribal/southwestern prints!!
These are new prints that will be framed in larger frames
An awesome vintage leather briefcase!!

and I can never pass up an adorable afghan!!
Spring will be here soon! Thrift shopping will be replaced by garage sales, auctions and flea markets!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! Who's with me!?!?

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